Now Showing: Abstract Landscape Painter Marianne Schovsbo

Now  Showing:
Marianne Schovsbo, Abstract Landscape Painter

Marianne Schovsbo, abstract landscape painterInspired by Light, Nature and Water
Media: Oil on Canvas

Marianne Schovsbo’s paintings are inspired by the world’s beautiful landscapes. Abstract themes of nature and water, coupled with the light and energy that can be found in our wilder places, dominate Marianne’s vibrant work. Paintings are in linseed-based oils, on both small and large professionally stretched canvases.  The style is based on classical oil painting techniques and materials, but with a new and refreshing impressionistic view on perspective and design.  All in all, Marianne’s focus on our stunning landscapes allows us to remember the places we love in our busy lives.

We invite you to come enjoy Marianne’s paintings in person at our Made in Pescadero gallery!

Unbuttons Antique Button Jewelry by Linda Sicard

Unbuttons Antique Button Jewelry Now Available at Made in Pescadero

Unbuttons Antique Button Jewelry by Linda SicardLinda Sicard has been designing and creating UnButtons since 1988.  Linda was an antiques dealer specializing in vintage jewelry and accessories until the day she was inspired by a jewelry artist using miscellaneous bakelite pieces and realized she too could make her own jewelry.  Searching for inspiration among the antiques surrounding her she discovered buttons.  Aha!  Buttons!   Old, intricate, beautiful, with stories to tell…..perfect!  Linda began creating pins using buttons and buckles and soon expanded to bracelets, earrings and necklaces.  Thirty years later Linda continues to be charmed and inspired by these tiny treasures and she hopes you will be too!

You can now find Linda’s unique UnButtons creations at Made in Pescadero.


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