The Pescadero Country Store

pescadero-country-storeThe Pescadero Country Store

In the early morning hours of September 18, 2016, fire destroyed the very heart of Pescadero. The Pescadero Country store,  known to the  locals, as Cindy’s .

This tragedy not only effects the residents of Pescadero but,  the larger Bay Area population that comes here, to enjoy pizza, BBQ and live music.

Cindy Simms, is the Very Large  Heart of this town.  It is her establishment in which we celebrate life’s victories and mourn its losses.  This is one of the large losses.

Our community is currently traumatized . We are a very tight community and, we know how to come together in times like these.  We will come back even stronger but, we desperately need your monetary assistance.

There are employees out of work and the enormous task of clean up and rebuilding. We sincerely thank you for all of your well wishes and we look forward to serving you again in the not too distant future.

Visit gofundme to support Cindy and the Pescadero Country Store

New Artist: Abby Wright

New Artist: Abby Wright Schlingensiepen

Abby Wright SchlingensiepenAbby Wright Schlingensiepen, Textile Artist, born in 1961. Abby holds a bachelor of fine arts degree from Washburn University. For the past 5 years Abby has experimented with block-prints of her own creation along with vibrant hand painting onto panels that explore natural themes such as birds, animals, and reptiles. Her work utilizes a non-traditional approach to quilting as she uses her sewing machine much like pen and ink to enhance the overall design. Her works are unique and a one-of-a-kind combination of fine art and fine craft.

Mary Dussell, now showing at Made In Pescadero

Mary Dussell, now showing at Made In Pescadero

Mary Dussell

I have gone completely feral after leaving a 35-year career of doing whatever career people do. I thought of going back, but I am having way too much fun taking pictures and selling certified organic duck eggs, My home in Pescadero supports all types of wild life, including my motorcycle crazy husband of 30 years and our smart phone addicted teenage daughter.

When we were newlyweds, I told my husband I wanted to be a National Geographic photographer. Always the practical engineer, he replied, “I would like to see you now and then” and “we have to eat”. I shelved the Nikon film cameras and lenses until last year when this same engineer surprised me with a fancy new digital Nikon and big lenses. I had it then and I have it now, I’ve got the shutterbug. Real bad.  I truly love, love, love photographing our local stealth raptors, intense bobcats, doltish deer, little birds, big birds, reptiles, insects, dolphins, and even whales.

While patiently waiting for the wildlife to appear, I would often point my lens to the surrounding landscape. Only to be disappointed in the exactness of my images failing to capture the intricacies I was seeing and feeling. One day I grew so frustrated, I swished my camera like a large paintbrush. When I viewed the images on the computer, I was taken by the natural colors and gradients; I did not need to Photoshop. Nature is perfect. I hope you enjoy my “paintings”.

Mary Dussell Paintings


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