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Metal Weaver, Tom DeHoog

Metal weaver, Tom DeHoog is now showing at Made In Pescadero!

Metal-Weaver-Tom-DeHoog“I have been working primarily in metal for just a few years, and many of the pieces photographed here represent the first and, sometimes the only example of a particular direction or idea. In this collection I can share the full gambit of my exploration as well as my development as an artist to date. I believe the pieces reflect the energy and excitement I feel when I work. Similarly, I want the work to reflect the struggle of the initial idea as it travels through the hands and out into the metal. I often feel a spark of magic as the metal leads me into unforeseen discoveries. As I yield to its strength, it yields to mine and the partnership produces new surprises and fresh ideas.

I love to work in metal, and I owe a great deal to the focus that ‘weaving’ provides me. The goal of my art is to please visually. I want my work to entice your eye into enjoying the earthy complexities and designs again and again each time you see them.”

Tom L. DeHoog, Metal Weaver & Metal Artis


Pescadero comes to Palo Alto

2nd Annual Pescadero Comes to Palo Alto

Pescadero-Palo-AltoWhere: McRoskey Mattress Company showroom:
(220 Hamilton Avenue @ Emerson, Palo Alto CA)

When: Thursday May 15th 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Where we showcase our McRoskey mattresses (made in San Francisco along with Harley Farms as well as headboards from Made in Pescadero. Ken and Kimberly Periat of MIP will also be part of the evening. Their headboards are on display in our Palo Alto showroom, and our mattresses are on display in their Pescadero showroom. (Now we need to make a mattress for the goat farm…maybe for the head Billy Goat!)

We invite local customers and friends to attend. The overall focus of the event is hand crafted products at their best! One of the business groups we will invite is PEA, the Peninsula Executive Association, a group of 60 business owners/top managers in the Palo Alto area (San Mateo to San Jose).

It is an opportunity for McRoskey, Harley Farms, Made in Pescadero to talk to locals about our products. When you do mention the event, ask folks to RSVP to


Lisa Osbeck

Welcome Lisa Osbeck, a new jeweler on dispay at Made in Pescadero

Lisa Osbeck CollageAs an artist, I have dabbled in several mediums over the years. I have sold locally in my hometown in California and have won a few awards even! I was recently introduced to Made In Pescadero and it seems to be a great place to showcase my Jewelry designsc& artwork. While I primarily work with Silver, copper, and brass I sometimes would just rather draw or paint. I always try to include recycled materials, if I can.
The recycled materials that I love to use:

  • Old jewelry (found at Garage sales or thrifts)
  • Linen (which I fancy very much) and lace that I imprint (press) into the copper.
  • The copper itself. Which comes from used copper sheeting or old plumber’s wire, that I roll out and process into my jewelry pieces.

I’ve been known to take an eclectic approach in the design of my jewelry pieces, which instead of being planned out from the very beginning tend to evolve into their final state.


Made in Pescadero
Pescadero, California
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