Metal Weaver, Tom DeHoog

Metal weaver, Tom DeHoog is now showing at Made In Pescadero!

Metal-Weaver-Tom-DeHoog“I have been working primarily in metal for just a few years, and many of the pieces photographed here represent the first and, sometimes the only example of a particular direction or idea. In this collection I can share the full gambit of my exploration as well as my development as an artist to date. I believe the pieces reflect the energy and excitement I feel when I work. Similarly, I want the work to reflect the struggle of the initial idea as it travels through the hands and out into the metal. I often feel a spark of magic as the metal leads me into unforeseen discoveries. As I yield to its strength, it yields to mine and the partnership produces new surprises and fresh ideas.

I love to work in metal, and I owe a great deal to the focus that ‘weaving’ provides me. The goal of my art is to please visually. I want my work to entice your eye into enjoying the earthy complexities and designs again and again each time you see them.”

Tom L. DeHoog, Metal Weaver & Metal Artis



Made in Pescadero
Pescadero, California
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