Lisa Osbeck

Welcome Lisa Osbeck, a new jeweler on dispay at Made in Pescadero

Lisa Osbeck CollageAs an artist, I have dabbled in several mediums over the years. I have sold locally in my hometown in California and have won a few awards even! I was recently introduced to Made In Pescadero and it seems to be a great place to showcase my Jewelry designsc& artwork. While I primarily work with Silver, copper, and brass I sometimes would just rather draw or paint. I always try to include recycled materials, if I can.
The recycled materials that I love to use:

  • Old jewelry (found at Garage sales or thrifts)
  • Linen (which I fancy very much) and lace that I imprint (press) into the copper.
  • The copper itself. Which comes from used copper sheeting or old plumber’s wire, that I roll out and process into my jewelry pieces.

I’ve been known to take an eclectic approach in the design of my jewelry pieces, which instead of being planned out from the very beginning tend to evolve into their final state.

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